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My Ultimate Goal - Enlightened Billionaire®

“Success just doesn't find you; you have to go out & get it." The above thought is something I truly stand by & urge people all around to open those closed doors of opportunities once & see what life can offer them. All my life, I have seen myself as an advocate for growth, who works for the people in every possible way and helps them take the best out of them. This is the reason I believe I am all for the people, by the people & to the people. Genuinely making efforts for the society and working for their welfare for their immense happiness and betterment has been my life mantra.

Since the beginning, I knew that exploring just one industry may not satisfy my hunger for doing great work, so I started trying my hands at almost everything & ventured into several fields, to ultimately realize my true calling, to know what my real journey is & where it will eventually take me.

My journey took me from becoming the CEO of Raamapeer industrial corporation in 2014 to becoming the Director of Raamapeer studios in 2017. Since then, I have donned many hats venturing not in one, but many different work areas. I am a passionate Motivational Facilitator, an enthusiastic film producer & filmmaker, always looking forward to out of the box creative ideas. Apart from that, I have loved anchoring on television & have become a Reiki expert as well. My journey has also taken me to become a certified sound healer, an ardent traveller, an author & eventually also got me the opportunity to make a web show, amongst donning so many other hats in my career so far. I have always felt that entrepreneurship is in my DNA and my urge to raise the standards for others in diverse fields have also made me a notable business personality.

Today, I am happy that I created something meaningful out of the opportunities that life gave me and some others that I created myself. "Spazeden" is one such platform that I have created, where I serve as a Co-founder. It was an idea on paper which I transformed it into reality for I believed in it and saw it as one of those rare platforms revolving around co-working spaces and flexible offices in various countries like Canada, India and Australia.

Rest of Life-Best of Life" (ROL BOL) is my brainchild which I feel proud about. It has already become a motivational revolution, which has garnered attention and appreciation across the country. ROL BOL is that one common platform that opens multiple doors of multiple opportunities for all by making people live their dream life & taking out their best versions

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My Ventures

My Ventures

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Raamapeer Industrial Corporation & Raamapeer Industries

We are one of the leading manufacturer and exporter of all types of Wire Mesh, Wire Netting, Fine Mesh, Wire Cloth, Perforated Sheet, Vibrating Screen, Chain Link Fencing, Welded Mesh. 




Spazeden is a creative fusion of the new-gen technology that has come together to radically change the way you rent or sell real estate property. 




ROLBOL is an innovative initiative to form a worldwide community of self-motivated people intending to collaborate together for spreading positivity as well as extending a helping hand to the people in making their “REST OF LIFE BEST OF LIFE” 




Communication is everything to express emotions, gratitude, love, share positivity, experiences and What ROLBOL Believes is the most important Pillar of anyone's Life. Through which we are creating a platform ROLBOL TALKS for individuals to come together, Talk about themselves and do as much as networking as much possible.



Raamapeer Studios

An Indian film & music production company based in Mumbai creating music & movies to connect a chord with our audiences. We are a rapidly growing film & music production house that are all onto getting at the top & becoming one of the leading studios in our country with creating & making different & unique themed films & music albums. 

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