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My Ultimate Goal - Enlightened Billionaire®

“Success just doesn't find you; you have to go out & get it." The above thought is something I truly stand by & urge people all around to open those closed doors of opportunities once & see what life can offer them. All my life, I have seen myself as an advocate for growth who works for the people in every possible way and helps them make their best versions. This is the reason I believe I am all for the people, by the people & to the people. Genuinely making efforts for society and working for their welfare for their immense happiness and betterment has been my life mantra.

The corporate world always fascinated me, and since I knew I had entrepreneurship in my DNA, I went all in to emerge as an influential business personality. However, my versatile talents also encouraged me to enter the entertainment world, turning me into a filmmaker. I believe stepping foot into the corporate world, understanding one's goals in business and making consistent efforts towards the same can help people attain the success they desire.

I serve as the CEO of Raamapeer Industrial Corporation since 2014, and from 2017 took on the responsibility of being the Director of Raamapeer Studios. Today, my unique initiative named "Rest of Life-Best of Life" (ROLBOL) is seen as a motivational revolution. It has become a common robust platform for people to explore and discover several opportunities, ultimately taking them towards their visions in life, making them their best versions.

With Raamapeer Industrial Corporation, we have made sure to take the wiremesh industry to the next level by producing and manufacturing the highest quality products. The Raipur-based company infuses advanced technology and strict quality control system to manufacture and improve products. With Raamapeer Studios, I made sure to create a production house that could make its unique niche in the industry by producing films of value, power, influence and entertainment.

Raamapeer Studios is a revolutionary vision of mine in the entertainment world with the aim to create unique-themed films that could connect a chord with anyone and everyone, backed by concepts and scripts that could even impact the audience's mindsets and perspectives for the better.

I am a passionate Motivational Facilitator, anchored on television & have become a Reiki expert as well. My journey has also taken me to become a certified sound healer, an ardent traveller, an author with two books. I have always felt that entrepreneurship is in my blood, and my urge to raise the standards for others in diverse fields have also made me a notable business personality.

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My Ventures

My Ventures

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Raamapeer Industrial Corporation & Raamapeer Industries

We are one of the leading manufacturer and exporter of all types of Wire Mesh, Wire Netting, Fine Mesh, Wire Cloth, Perforated Sheet, Vibrating Screen, Chain Link Fencing, Welded Mesh. 




ROLBOL is an innovative initiative to form a worldwide community of self-motivated people intending to collaborate together for spreading positivity as well as extending a helping hand to the people in making their “REST OF LIFE BEST OF LIFE” 



Raamapeer Studios

An Indian film & music production company based in Mumbai creating music & movies to connect a chord with our audiences. We are a rapidly growing film & music production house that are all onto getting at the top & becoming one of the leading studios in our country with creating & making different & unique themed films & music albums. 

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